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Top 5 mistakes people do during weight loss – 3rd mistake is most common

Losing weight is among one of the new trends in the 21st century. Everybody wants to be lean and muscular. Every guy has the dream of shedding some extra kilos to gain those six pack abs.

In order to have weight loss people often do these mistakes, which they shouldn’t.

1. Focusing more on cardio rather on weight and strength training

Performing strength and weight training is as important as doing cardio for shedding those calories and achieving the desired weight. Doing more cardio than strength training can lead to loss of more muscle mass rather than fat loss.

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2. By not keeping a check on what to eat or what to not during weight loss

If you are working out or doing strenuous physical activities, it doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want. If you are eating processed foods and thinking that it would not hamper your weight loss then you are in a dilemma, my friend.  For obtaining the desired result, the amount of calories intake should be less than the number of calories burned.

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3. Thinking that skipping meals will help in reduction of weight

This is the most common mistake that people do for their weight reduction. According to studies, if you skip your breakfast or lunch, it will slow down your metabolism, making you crave for unhealthy things resulting in overeating. Thus making you obese instead healthy.

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4. If you are on the journey of weight loss, minimize the intake of sugar

The ultimate enemy for your weight loss is the excessive intake of sugar.

For men, the sugar intake should not be more than 150 calories in a day and for women, it should not be more than 100 calories in a day.

Intake of sugar more than this will result in the addition of weight.

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5. By not tracking the number of calories, carbs, protein and other minerals consuming throughout the day.

If you want to lose your weight, the best way is to track the number of calories you are consuming. There are various fitness apps which helps you to track your calories, helping you to achieve your goals.

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