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Are smartphones affecting our health?

Are smartphones affecting our health?


The answer lies in this article.

Smartphones are helpful

Smartphones are helpful

Smartphones were manufactured with the purpose of easing our day-to-day life built with exceptional features and specifications.

Consisting of a dazzling display, feather-light touch, fast processor, inbuilt memory and good RAM, sleek design, brilliant camera quality, loaded with the various helpful applications, they are the devices to look.

Smartphones have changed the game of digital technology as now we can order anything by sitting at home, book a cab anytime, fix doctor appointments, order groceries, book flights, train tickets, hotels rooms ,can text, video chat with people situated in any part of the world for free with a single click on our mobile phones.

 Smartphones impacting our health

 Smartphones impacting our health

So, we can say that our cell phones have helped us to make our life easier but with the advent of time, it has taken control of our lives.

In today’s world, there is a possibility that human being can live without food but not without the cell phones

For example, what is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Well, most of us would say that we check our social media accounts on our phones.

Most of the people remain glued to their cell phones.

Today I was travelling in the metro and there were 8 people sitting in front of me. I noticed that out of eight people six people were using their phones.

On the other day, I went to a  restaurant to meet a friend of mine.

More than 50% of people were using their phones rather than having a conversation.

Then I realized that nowadays people are living in the virtual world rather than the real world.

I am a 90’s kid and during my childhood and adolescence phase, I use to go out and do a lot of outdoor sports activities but now the kids are interested in playing online games rather than outdoor games.

Outdoor games are the best form of physical activities.

Sports activities improve our hand eyes coordination, improves blood flow in our body, helps us to lose extra calories from our body.

Smartphones disadvantages

  • Mobile phones have replaced these activities impacting the health of human being thus making them lethargic and obese which results in various diseases.
  • Looking at smartphones for hours strain our eyes, thus impacting our eyesight.
  • Excessive use of cell phone can cause neck strain as you are looking continuously at your smartphones for hours.
  • Another disadvantage of the smartphone on our health is the deprivation of sleep
  • Thumb arthritis caused by excessive smartphone usage.


Smartphones are very helpful if you control them. To reduce their adverse effect limit your phone usage, exercise regularly and life would be good.

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