Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.

Hello World

My name is Prashant Prasad.

About me

I would like to introduce me as a health enthusiast person who believes in the quote ” Health is Wealth”.

Throughout my adolescence period, I faced body shaming, due to my excessive weight. I became introvert, depressed human being. All I can say is  “It was not a good phase of my life“.

I  wanted a body transformation but it can’t happen by sitting and thinking. I needed to work out, follow a healthy balanced diet.

Do you know what is the main cause of body transformation?

Self-realization. Yes, when you realize that it’s been a long time since you have put an extra burden on your body and its organs.

The same thing happened to me and I decided to go on a transformation journey. So, I started cutting out extra sugar which I was consuming, began eating healthy foods, stopped consuming fast food from my regular diet, but obviously, there were cheat days because I don’t want to be too harsh on my body.

Perform strenuous physical exercises five days in a week and it started showing results. As a result, my weight came down from 86 kg to 68 kg.

Now I can wear slim fit clothes. I feel healthy, confident and happy.

I started this website with a motto of sharing my transformation journey and providing healthy and nutritious tips that will help you to remain healthy

As the quote says ” Healthy mind stays in the healthy body”, just keep following it and result would be fruitful.